Here's a little bit about Chris, and what he can do for YOU!

Hello! My name's Chris Hardy and I'm your local Labour Party candidate for the Carmarthenshire East & Dinefwr Constituency. I have most recently served as Managing Director of my own successful limited company for nearly a decade, which specialised in the supply and distribution of I.T. products and services within the U.K. and was a Dell Partner Company for the duration. I have been an IT Consultant for close to 20 years, qualifying as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer at the age of just 18. I am a self-funded candidate, which means everything from this Website to the Leaflets delivered to your door are all created and funded privately by myself, and not through the usual constituency and party fundraising means. I'm quite proud of that fact given most candidates run campaigns using party funds with nothing to lose or fund themselves - I like to put my money where my mouth is, and stand by the things i believe in - and this is just the start of hopefully a long and fruitful journey for us all.

I'd like to start by welcoming you to my personal campaign website, where going forward, I'll try and keep you informed about local issues that may affect you, future policy which may affect you and/or that you can so importantly contribute to/be involved in creating, among giving you a little information about me, what I can and most importantly, will do for not only Carmarthenshire as a County, but in the wider scheme of things, our national interests and national political agendas. Good, people-first orientated politics should always make consideration for what's next door, not just what's on our own door step. Whilst Wales has its own devolved government, a lot of the restrictions placed upon the Welsh Government obviously still filters down from Westminster - and this is why we need a strong voice to represent the people of Wales in the House of Commons. I am that voice! 

I believe in the concept of 'Universal Politics' - essentially, which means; I believe in politics that works in the interests of everybody, not just the majority or minority - and politics that work irrespective of your background, place of origin, geographical location, your belief systems, race, colour, gender or sexual orientation. I do believe a universal political basis is 'always' possible to achieve - some may well disagree with that, but like most things - with collaboration, a positive attitude and the genuine willingness to compromise and negotiate, i believe it's always possible to achieve a universally positive outcome to a situation that is beneficial to all. We can do this by accepting and understanding that before anything else - we are all human beings, before considering the things that make us unique. If you can adopt the attitude of mind that we are all born equal, that we are all fundamentally the same in terms of what we need to live, be happy and to survive in life, then we are one step closer to knowing peace and one step closer to understanding universal politics and universal care. All human beings share the same fundamental and universal staple needs. Education. Healthcare. Housing. Income. I fully support the concept of "UBI" - or Universal Basic Income within the United Kingdom, because i support the idea that we all have basic needs, again, and those needs should always be catered for. You can't expect a flower to grow or blossom if you're not giving it the basics it needs to do so. Most importantly. I advocate for that in everything we do in life, we do it with a genuine love and consideration for each other. Without love and a genuine care of our fellow man, we're never going to create policies and a society that works for the people it's supposed to ultimately work for and serve - you.  

If you're like me and you're fed-up to the back teeth of the usual politicians and culprits who say they're going to make changes for the better which never come to fruition, fed-up of people who play on your dreams but never have any real intention of making them come true, fed-up of people taking your rights for granted, fed-up of people in authority abusing that authority and pretending they care about you, when their actions speak to the contrary, fed-up of broken promises advocating change that never comes to fruition, fed-up of policy and protocol seemingly and not always applying universally as it should - as in, one rule for one and one rule for another, and fed-up of people all too eager to take the helm and the glory when things are going well - but then not take responsibility when they crash us into the rocks because they're out of their depths at times and to vein to ask the right people for the right help - then I'm going to be the MP for you!

If i say I'm going to do something, then I'll do it, or I'll go down trying to get it done. What you see is what you get. No nonsense. The time for change is now, and you are a big, if not the biggest part of that change. Change starts with your all important vote - so please make it really count this time and help me to do my job in helping you. Let's start creating a better world - that serves everybody - not just the selfish agendas of what is always and ultimately a very small minority. Love and hope are universal languages and platforms on which to build our future. That is what i represent and will always advocate for on your behalf - a system which not only cares about you, but loves you and strives to always achieve the best for you. 

Moving on to a little about myself and my journey here to you today. I'm a 34 year old single gay man and I've lived here in Carmarthenshire since 2012, moving here from Manchester, England. I'd never really considered living here in Wales before, but fancying a change of scenery from city life, I made the move. I've been causing trouble ever since - but in a good way I hope - by being an advocate wherever possible for standing and speaking up for what's right, when sometimes, people have evidently become all too complacent with doing what's wrong - and often getting away with it - unchallenged by those in positions of authority, whom should be the one's doing the challenging and scrutinising. That's something I always make a stand against. Complacency breeds contempt - contempt of your rights - and ultimately, contempt of your lives and those you love.  

I'm here today because I don't want any of the people i consider my extended family, my brothers and sisters in society to suffer anymore at the hands of contemptuous policy, contemptuous attitudes and contemptuous abuse of authority that I have personally experienced and born witness to over the years. I have personally been let down on several occasions by elected officials and people in authority - and I don't want anybody else to ever have to endure the same loss of hope and hurt that i had to endure during my own journey and battles in life for what was essentially Justice. Those in positions of authority and whom we duly elect into office who should be the people who care about us most, who refuse to give up putting right what is wrong, and who should always seek to, in essence, uphold truth and justice within our society. I never want anyone coming to their local MP to hear or be told there's nothing that can be done for their problem, as I've had told to me before. There's always something your local MP can do - even if he doesn't have jurisdiction over something or someone - and that is - to open their mouths for you, and to make your issues known and heard among their peers in the House of Commons. Our greatest weapon is and will always remain our ability to speak up about something. 

Whilst i may not be native to Wales, I am someone whom self-identifies not through nationality, ethnicity or otherwise, but through what is our common humanitarian interests, in the belief, regardless of colour, race or creed, we are all equal and serve a common interest and good. I respect and love the national and local cultures and pools of diversity of all nations of the Earth, equally and without prejudice. Politics, for me, is quite simply about providing and caring for people - all of those people, equally and regardless of where you're from or where you're going in life, we all need the same solid foundation - which is a foundation to be able to create a good and fulfilling life for yourself and your family - to live and to love. I believe all of humanity has a basic human right to have universal access to such solid foundations - to be free to create the life they wish to live - that means universal policies, provisions and protections to access what are in essence, bare essentials - housing, education, healthcare and the ability to receive continuous and ongoing support and development throughout your life. My belief is that whatever we put in to something, we shall always get back out again in one form or another, even if this is simply a positive attitude of mind. Our society and the people within that society are and should always be considered an investment, not a burden or expendable asset or a statistic of the state, as we're all too often considered today. We quite simply shouldn't be being asked to pay into a system that isn't always, in its current manifestation, so keen to give back - and when it does, seems to be prejudiced in the favour, again, often groups of individuals we can consider minorities. That is a scale or balance which very seriously needs correcting and shall be one of my top agendas in otherwise fighting for full and true equality within our society. 


Whilst my time here has, at times, been a little turmoilous, I have met some great people, with big hearts, all sharing similar ideologies of equality for all - all struggling with their own personal life battles - and all sharing in the familiar of the ever more apparent and common failings not just in our county, but our society as a whole - be this local, crucial service closures, local council service cuts, budget and resource cuts, hospital service cuts, homelessness, poverty, and the 'can't be bothered, it's not my job' epidemic, etc. These failures often stem from failing national and local policy, and that is something we can and do have control over. 

I am not someone who blindly follows crowds or the masses for the sake of doing so. I am someone whom tries to follow and advocate for what is right - universally and for everybody, not just a minority or majority for that matter. It is my personal belief that something is not truly democratic unless it accommodates all, not just the majority. Majorities can sometimes be wrong - and you can't have the attitude to dismiss a minority in politics either - and this is why we need to build our future foundations based upon a universal political basis which accommodates all parts of society. If something isn't universal, it ceases to be fair. If something isn't fair, it's not offering equality, and if it's something's not equal, it's always going to cause dissent, hurt and unrest. The balance can be created and restored by adopting an universal attitude to solving our problems and creating our solutions. 

Whilst i do not agree with every single policy that Labour currently advocates, nor the views and opinions of some of its Politicians - I do support a lot of them - and for the ones which i do not support, or where they may well perhaps be non-existent at present, I will of course be fighting for positive change in support of universal applicability and speaking up as so. We will never achieve perfection in anything, but we can and must always strive for progress. 

Join myself and the new Labour movement today in the new politics of hope, to create a World based on equality, care and compassion of our fellow man. Big changes always start in small places, through the individual and then the collective. A big change is just round the corner, and it starts with you, here in the county of Carmarthenshire.


I'll hopefully see you all soon! 




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© 2018 by Chris Hardy.