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I'm not someone whom believes in the prejudice and barriers that so-called 'class' systems can and by virtue, often create - physical and psychological, nor do i believe anyone should ever consider themselves above their fellow man or live with a sense of entitlement to anything in life. I believe that we are all born and die as equals - and that we should all have equal opportunities in life and the freedom to choose our own destiny without unnecessary and sometimes, avoidable, circumstantial restrictions that can be often be controlled and mitigated with good policy making - from the time we open our eyes till the time we close them.

Everyone should be able to "reach for their potential" in life without any form of prejudice of society to stand in their way - finances, ability to access education and support, etc. You should be able to achieve your dreams and goals in life based on your willingness to achieve your potential - not on your ability to ultimately pay to achieve your potential or other circumstantial factors that might be limiting you or holding you back. Circumstance should not be a limiting factor in someone's life when it comes to being able to provide the conduit for someone to reach their potential - only someone's will to achieve and reach for it should be the limiting factor. We want to encourage the minds of tomorrow to follow their dreams and to encourage them to do the job's that they'll both enjoy, and hopefully, be good at. Who is society letting down if we have a great scientific mind that ends up doing a job other than a scientist at the end of the day because we didn't provide the support and mechanisms to allow that potential to have been fully nurtured and harnessed? The answer is - us - it's all of us who we've ultimately let down and deprived.

Society needs to recognise, that fundamentally, what we invest into something now is always going to be an investment in our future - not just for the individual, but society as the collective - after all, society is of course made up of individuals - so any investment into our people at an individual level is ultimately an investment that benefits society as the collective later on down the line. This individualistic, short-term attitude that we can see prevalent in many of today's politics needs to stop in recognition of the value each and everyone of us has to contribute - and the importance of supporting each other through our journey's as a collective society. 

My passion for politics and for improving the lives of others comes from my love of people, from my love of changing people's lives for the better, and from my fundamental belief of providing a universal framework of equality for all within our society - where the likes of your place of origin, affluence, education, age, sex, race, sexual orientation or otherwise do not form the basis or pretence for any type of discrimination against your ability to participate and contribute. 

This world will only ever be changed, one kind thought, one kind word and one kind action at a time to one another. Change starts at home - here and now - not just with me, but with and through you and your choice of actions today. The future starts today, not tomorrow. What we choose to stand up for and believe in is one of our most basic choices in life. We are all brothers and sisters with common cause - we all wish to live life to the full and enjoy it - and to love - and together, we can all build a great future - for everybody, not what increasingly seems to be a privileged few built upon the foundation of divisive and discriminatory politics.

Politics, regardless of what issue you are trying to contend with, ultimately comes down to one thing. It's just another word for people. We all universally require the same fundamental foundations in life, and it is my genuine belief that in most circumstances in life, there is always a universally acceptable and viable solution to accommodate all. This is the very principle belief in the politics I otherwise endorse and advocate for. Politics that works for everybody. 

Big changes often start in small places - Carmarthenshire, you are no exception to this - so let us be the county that leads by example and champions a community that's driven on values of equality for all, driven on the universal language of love, care and compassion of our fellow man. 
Please take a look below at my 'What's your' section - where I answer some common questions in relation to my stance on more popular political issues. 

Education is something that should be accessible to all, free from all circumstantial prejudice - most commonly, people's level of affluence. Before anything else, Education is an investment in our society - NOT just the individual. Until people in government understand this very simple concept and start getting Education right, on all levels, we're going to live in perpetual defeat.

Students shouldn't be leaving Higher Education saddled with ten's of thousands of pounds of debt, either, nor should they have to pay to get into Higher Education at any level, to pursue their dreams. If we're going to tax people's income from what is the very fruits of their labour, the very least we can do for them is provide them with an Education that is free throughout their lifetime - with continuous development opportunities as well throughout the duration of their life - learning is a lifelong adventure and journey, not just one of yesterday and today.

Education has taken a hit on many levels over the years. We've seen Primary and Secondary School class sizes increase. We've seen teachers quitting by the the thousands due to unmanageable working conditions and undue pressures placed upon them in the work place. We've seen Schools failing their students on many fronts - decrease in the quality controls of curriculum delivery, parents having to provide additional tutoring at home to make up for the shortcomings of some Schools. Children having to be supplemented at Schools with additional School meals to combat rising living costs and falling living standards at home for some children. The list is endless. When is all of this going to stop you ask? Simple. When you vote the people in who're going to put a stop to it once and for all this time!


An efficient, functional and fit-for-purpose healthcare system is obviously one of the fundamental core services required within any society. A society which does not prejudice against someone's ability to pay essentially does not have a private and public sector - we do. Sometimes it has its benefits, sometimes it doesn't. When it comes to fundamental, core services, It's my strong belief the private sector needs to keep away, as it ultimately always turns into a conflict of interest - profit over people. 

We all require the same fundamentals in life. Healthcare is obviously one of our most basic needs, and it should never be provided with the prejudice of someones ability to pay - as is currently the case within the UK. Doesn't that concept alone sum up the problems we have within our society at present, the thought that if you become ill, you have more chance of a speedy recovery or survival based upon your ability to pay - because you'll get seen to sooner, you'll often be screened using the most modern equipment and techniques in the private sector, but not always in our NHS, and you'll receive access to the latest drugs if you're a private sector client, but again, not always as an NHS patient. All this whilst the government is still happy to hold its hand out and take your tax - and then call your expectations unreasonable when you expect to be cared for properly when you're ill - not left in the corridor of an overwhelmed NHS hospital, to potentially die before you're even seen to. 

For me, caring for someone is caring for someone, and someone's needs when they're ill is someone's needs when they're ill - their needs don't change based on how much or how little money they have - so why does our ability or willingness to provide that care change based on how affluent someone is - well - quite simply - society, in parts, seems to be very much wired and geared towards the money, money, money attitude of mind - profit over people. I'm sorry, but this for me isn't acceptable any longer! Just as we all deserve the same and equal chances in life to progress ourselves and reach our potential, we should all have complete equality when it comes to quality healthcare for ourselves and our loved ones. If we're willing enough to tax people's incomes to provide them with public services, then we should be providing, without excuse, the very best public services we can - not providing them with an unfit for purpose service and then encouraging them to go private, or even worse, encouraging the privatisation of the services that we've ultimately failed. 

Equality & Diversity

As a homosexual man myself, I'm an avid and passionate supporter of not just LGBT rights, but of essentially what is the human rights of us all - the right to live our lives as we choose and to love in peace. It is my belief that until such time as this World knows and recognises true equality for all through embracing love and hope, until we all accept each other as we are - and until we recognise that we are all family, brothers and sisters - then it will not know peace by virtue of not knowing how to find it in the first place. 

Irrespective of our own belief systems in life, I advocate for the need to recognise the importance of accepting each other for whom we are. ​It is my belief that providing somebody lives their own life in such a manner that it doesn't affect the freedoms of others, the innocence of others and/or impact anybody else in a negative manner, then we have no right or place to judge somebody else based on our own beliefs or expectations of what we then otherwise consider to be right or wrong - because as individuals, and affected by our own preferences and perception in life, that will always differ, and so the above framework provides an universal answer and framework to forming the guidance into what is right and will work by everybody - not just ourselves.

It is not right and will never be justifiable to try to deny and control people whom we deem different to ourselves in society by often depriving them of their fundamental human rights. For me, diversity is the spice of life. What a boring World we'd ultimately live in if everybody was the same. I love the differing cultures and nations of the Earth equally, and I believe that equality is something which is rooted not in the colour of our skin, our race, gender, our sexual orientation or our own personal experiences in life, but in the attitude of mind in which we choose to adopt. 

Love is a choice in our attitude of mind - a choice in how to treat others - and a way of life. I build my own life and everything i do upon the foundations of love and the acceptance of others. Prejudice and discrimination ultimately kills and causes War - directly and indirectly. That is why i advocate for tolerance and acceptance of each through equal rights and peace among all men and nations of the World. 

Environment & Energy

Humanity has done more damage to the planet and our environment in the last 50 years than it's done since first creation. Is that a record you think we should be proud of? It certainly isn't from where I'm standing - and if something genuine and sincere isn't done about this horrendous record soon, climate change is going to be the very least of our worries. Many of our precious and beautiful animal species and ecological systems of the World lay on the brink of collapse and extinction, while our governments sit back, watch and do nothing - waiting for somebody else to take the lead and often seemingly scared to speak up to other host nations to ask them to fulfil their obligations to the rest of the World and that's to look after our Wildlife and environment properly! The Wildlife of the Earth belongs to all nations and children of the Earth, not just those host countries whom are lucky enough to be in the privileged position to have them indigenous to their region. 

Why isn't the Ivory and rhino horn trade outlawed worldwide. Why are we still debating whether or not it's acceptable to pollute the oceans and to what level. Why are we only now starting to look at recycling bottle schemes? Why don't people stand up against the cruelty of sport and trophy hunting, to see it outlawed worldwide? We're doing too little too late and ultimately, it is the generations of tomorrow who will pay the price for the complacency of today's very poor and weak decision makers. 


In terms of energy, I don't support nuclear power or the technology in any way shape or form. For me, the benefit never outweighs the environmental risk this technology carries. Why go nuclear and take huge risks when we have alternative, green power sources available - all of which have come a long way over the last few decades and don't carry the inherent and constant catastrophic human and environmental risks of nuclear technologies; Hydro. Wind. Solar. Etc. 

I am of the strong socialist belief that energy should, as with other vital and essential services - be owned and operated by the public - in the interest of the public and not owned and operated by private investors or bankers with the primary interest always being profit, again, over people. This socialist model of public ownership and operation, done right, can work exceptionally well - and will save on what is commonly an private sector monopoly on our essential life-dependant services and utilities. You shouldn't have to pay the earth to heat your home or have a bath - and when you do, quite simply, bankers and shareholders shouldn't be cashing in on it - instead, you should be paying less and saving up to do the things you want and need to do with your life and family. That's a system based on love and providing good infrastructure at cost, not squeezing the most we can out of something and getting the most money and profit we can out of something - at often any cost - ours as the people, as is most the case.


Raised on a Council Estate in Manchester, here reside some of my fondest memories of childhood and early adult life. Social housing, done right, is still a blessing for many and obviously a vital part of any socialist infrastructure. The fundamental issues for me with housing is very simple - the population is growing and we clearly need to build more - both public and private sector housing. 

Labour have committed to building more homes under a new Labour Government and you can rest assured it will happen. The current homeless crisis is somewhat exacerbated by the chronic shortage of housing we are currently baring witness to - and governments of the past with their failed promises have failed to take the issue seriously and deal with it. Labour is going to sort this issue out and rid us of horrendous waiting lists, and also, address other issues in the private sector - such is renters and landlord rights - working towards creating a fairer system for everybody. 


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